Activia Yogurt parfait Simple recipe



My go too Activia Yogurt Parfait simple recipe

Activia has always been one of my favourite yogurts. Yogurts are a great and healthy snack especially for us working moms on the go all the time. Reasonably priced and with a variety of flavours you can’t go wrong with a yogurt for a quick snack. Filled with BL regularis which helps you to be regular.

My 2 year old LOVES yogurt even though he calls it GOGURT. I love the fact that I can also buy a large portion and make parfaits at home which makes for a great snack.

This recipe is super simple and customizable.


Ingredients For Activia Yogurt Parfait

ACTIVIA plain yogurt or Vanilla flavoured

4 Large strawberries

Granola Sweetened with honey or plain

1 TBSP Dark chocolate chips



Instructions for Activia Parfait

In a 11oz Glass put a 1/2 cup of yogurt

Then place 1/3 cup of Granola

Top off With strawberries and chocolate chips

As I said Making a yogurt parfaits are really easy to make and customizable to your taste, you can top of with any fruit of your choice and can replace the dark chocolate chips with milk or white.





Happy Parfaing!



Happy eating!

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March Spring Wreath Guest blogger My unbounded life



What is a better way to have an inviting house than to have a beautiful door way entry? A decorated doorway is a great way to welcome you and your guest inside and sets the precedence for your home.

Store bought wreaths are around $50.00 and if you have multiple doors, this can get pricy. Why not make it yourself?
This wreath is a large wreath 24 inches in diameter.

You can use this idea for yourself, a gift, a fundraiser product and more. Total time for this wreath: 2 hours. 

Fish Wire or Twine
Wire Cutters (optional)
Garland Flowers and vines
Bouquet Flowers
Wire frame 

1. Gather your Supplies




2. Lay the flower garland around the wire frame.


3. Begin tying the fish wire or twine around the garland and frame, securing it tightly.

4. Begin adding the bouquet flowers by either breaking off the steams or cutting the steams of the bouquet with wire cutters.

5. Add any other flowers or vines by using the same method of tying the steams of the flowers to the frame.

6. Go back around and tie the flower heads together so they look bunched together.

7. Ta-Da! Hang your wreath!


Purchase the flowers when they are on sale. Michael’s does 40% off flowers quiet often.
Make sure you secure the flowers well. 
My last step was to cut off extra fish wire. I would use the longer pieces to secure additional flowers.
Use twine or a twine wreath for a more rustic look. *I didn’t want brown in mine. 

Blog by  @Myunboundedlife



Happy wreathing!


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My Top 5 Skin Face cleansing products.



Beauty and skin products have always been on my priority list. I remember getting my first Optimum points card at the Pharmaprix, one of Montreal’s drug store at the age of 12. Since then I have always had a secret obsession with skincare products and makeup. At an early age I knew that my skin was super sensitive, so I tried not experiment too much. I started off with Aveeno because it was super mild and ideal for sensitive skin and now I am using mostly, if not only, Clinique products.

Amongst my sisters I am the “go-to” person for which face wash, makeup and lipsticks to get. When I got my first part-time job, it was nothing but saving and then spending at Pharmaprix. My very first experiments were done with Lise Watier’s makeup products, then I jumped onto MAC and now well, like many of us, I am in love with Sephora.

I love Sephora because they can find specific products and brands according to your type of skin and their products are just amazingly fabulous. Clinique won my heart because of how specific their products are: they pretty much have products matching every skin type and still giving a 3-step plan.



Now let me share with you my Top 5 beauty and skin products:

  1. First things first: The Cleanser. Clinique cleansers, toner and face lotions are the products that I use every day, day and night. I use the mild foam cleanser: a gel to foam activate with water. It does not have a strong scent and it deep cleanses your skin; I even use it as a makeup remover. To find out more about the product click here.
  2. The Toner: I use the Clinique Toner in number 4, the purple solution. What I love about Clinique is they have regime and products based on your skin type whether you have normal to dry, or just simply oily. I like to say I have combination skin type because my T zone is oily and my cheeks and around the mouth area dry. Toner is important because sometimes washing just doesn’t do the entire trick, so toner removes all the traces of dirt and oil that was a bit more stubborn. To find out more about the toner click here
  3.  Moisturizer: Also, from Clinique I use their face moisturizers. They have two types of face lotions; the gel formula and the dramatically different formula. I use the gel formula in the summer because my skin is already naturally oily, and I use the Dramatically different formula in the winter when its colder and dryer. To find out more click here
  4. Exfoliant/Masks: If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen me share my love for the glam glow line of masks. I have tried all of them and a great way to do so is at Sephora as they have the sample sizes of all the masks. That gives you an opportunity to try them all and see what works for your skin type. I use the green jar, which is the power mud; it is a dual cleanse mud to oil formula. This mud mask is LIFE!! I absolutely love it, love the way my skin feels after using it. Just. Love. It. To find out more click here
  5.  Make up Remover: I use the Clinique Take the day off. This is a balm formula that you rub on to take your makeup off. Its turns from balm to oil but girl when I tell you it works, IT WORKS. To find out more click here




Recently I discovered these face cloths called “Face it” by cloth in a box. Its perfect for us ladies who love our cleansing products and like to be cute while doing so. The cloths have these hand pockets that make if easy for you to clean your entire face, Its a gentle face cloth and can be used up to 100 times, hand wash in mild detergent and dry on tumble dry. 





Well beautifuls, this is it for my beauty and skin products. I hope this helped.

Happy Cleansing!


Editor: @alavie

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Valentines day inspirational shoot



Valentine’s day to me is just about cuteness for the kids and for inspirational purposes. My partner and I get super weird when it comes to buying Valentine’s day gifts because we are never sure if we really need to buy each other anything. This year I didn’t go crazy on VDay gifts for my loved ones, but I styled a few pieces to inspire you but also to share with them.
It is not necessary but still important to show it; good intentions are always nice.


If you are Hosting a brunch or lunch, having mimosas is an absolute YES!
I love my wines sparkly and sweet. I’ve been drinking Bottega for about 3 years, besides my Jacobs Creek Moscato, and so you can tell Bottega is one of my favorites. If I am hosting a brunch or lunch or just simply celebrating, having a mimosa is very important to me and let’s be honest, mimosas are always a great hit at any event. 

Plus, it is so easy to make; the ingredients are super simple.

In my mimosa, I do the following:


1/2 glass of simply Orange juice

Topped off with a Prosecco,  

Then add berries of your choice




Now, no Valentine’s day is complete without having some sweets. Normally people go straight to the chocolate and pastries. For this shoot, we of course had some heart-shaped chocolates and Hershey’s kisses, but we added some old fashion Timbits with marshmallows and strawberries. When it comes to sweets, I’m super picky but once I find something I like then I Kill it.





I think your Valentine’s day should be however you want it to be. To me it is a time to help my daughter show and make cute things for her class also for sweets and more wine (hihi). We don’t mind if there are no gifts involved, simply because we buy each other things all the time so what’s one more day? Also, with 2 children it is a bit trickier to find a sitter on Vday so if it falls on a weekday, we don’t even go out until the weekend, but that is for another topic.





Happy Valentines Day!


@alavie.ev     Editor

@sarah.dja    Photographer



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