Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe. Winter warm beverage.


pink hot chocolate

Pink Hot Chocolate is easy to make and delicious to drink, Holiday time calls for Warm blankets and Hot Beverages.

Growing up my mom made the best Hot Chocolate!

when I had my daughter I wanted to make my mother’s hot chocolate exactly the way she made it, but of course I couldn’t duplicate so I had to come up with my own version. My daughter has a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. So every now and then I just add a little whip cream, and sprinkles and voila!








1 Tbsp Nesquick Strawberry syrup

1 cup of 2% Milk (can be substituted for Almond milk)

Whip Cream

Sprinkles of your choice




Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe

Warm one cup of milk then add your Tbsp of chocolate syrup

Then add your whip cream and sprinkles

Then Drink!


Happy Drinking!

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Drink night Twisted Lemonade Recipe

Drink Twisted Lemonade 

Drink night for me usually consist of a bottle of Jacob creeks Moscato. Before having  children I was the ultimate mixer, but with limited time and I don’t usually let my children see me drink I have to come up with fast cocktail recipes. The other night I created what I like to call Twisted Lemonade. Super simple and you can customize this recipe to your taste.



Drink Recipe

first I made a pitcher of my home made lemonade, you can buy ready made lemonade but for me I find every store brand lemonade is filled with tons of sugars.

In a 9oz wine glass I add 

1/2 cup of Fragoli strawberry liqueur

1 cup of lemonade

and a dash of sprite or soda water

Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime and a mint leaf

Happy Drinking!

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My go to Girl Boss Books

Girl boss books

Want to know how I became a Girl Boss reader? Keep reading this post.

By the time I was 8 years old, and in the second grade I was already reading novels. I was an early reader due to having older siblings that were in school before me. One of my greatest childhood memories I have is stealing my brothers binders and pretending I was in school. once I started school supply shopping with my dad that was the greatest part of back to school.

My dad use too call me bookie because I just had a different love for stationary, specific pens note books and all that jazz.

My older sister use to spend hours and hours reading so I also developed a love for reading through her, she would read the book first then pass it down to me because in all truth she was a faster reader, she could literally read a book in 2 days and I’m talking like a 500 page book.

Some of our first favourites were Of course Robert Munch books and the The babysitters club, the Judy Blume books, we did a bit of Danielle Steel and a whole of other Genres that won’t be mentioned (wink).

After becoming an entrepreneur I quickly discovered that no one was going to teach me anything I had to teach myself and what better way in doing so than reading. I did attend many workshops but reading was a key factor in my learning. One of the first books that inspired me so much as a woman in business, was the Sophie Amorusa #girlboss book. That book inspired me to follow my dreams and whatever path I am on don’t give up or settle for a job just because it pays the bills. 


Next was Carrie Greens book “She means Business” this book ladies and gents is the real deal. Carrie pin points a lot that I didn’t know and that I’ve already implemented in my business practices. I definitely will be reading it again. Not only does Carrie break down how to build a business from the bottom up, she also explains what worked and what didn’t work for her. Also what I loved about this book was the inspiring quotes. Like the one in the picture above.

As you may know I am a wedding planner but also write blogs about lifestyle and entertainment for women, One of the books that I have not read cover to cover but, every now and then skim through to spark ideas is Kate Spades “All in good taste”



This book is filled with so many chic ideas on entertaining and hosting at home I couldn’t turn it  down.

With all that being said I really just wanted to share my love for reading and some of my favs.

Until next time!

Happy Reading!

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My Favourite wedding magazines for inspiration

Wedding Magazines


Wedding magazines are normally one of the first tools a couples purchases to insight ideas for their wedding. Being an easy read, magazines are a perfect and cost effective tool. Magazines are filled with real weddings, the latest in attire, colours of the year, and many more. They typically range from $6.99 to $15.00 so you can see there a very inexpensive guide.

Here are some of my favourite wedding magazines, I use to insight ideas for my couples.




Mariage chic

Mariage Chic

Being a wedding planner in Montreal its extremely important to stay current because of our small, but large wedding city. Montreal’s wedding scene is one to rekoned with. We have amazing restaurants that host weddings and vendors that offer impeccable services. Mariage chic is a great tool to stay current in the city.

Today’s Brides

Today's Bride


Todays Bride Magazine I love especially for the extensive spread of wedding gowns. Its also great for in sighting ideas on decor and much more!




WED LUXE is where you can find the definition of Glamours weddings.

Hope this helps!

Happy Planning

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