My Office reveal with Salt n Streets Photography

Office Shoot

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do an Office reveal because I worked so hard on putting together a space where I can work in peace without my children running around (lol).

 It has taken me 5 years and two offices to finally get it right and to be comfortable with my working area.

 Being a mom of a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old, can make working from home very difficult. Mainly because I get distracted with everything at home like laundry, dishes, Netflix, etc.

 You name it!

 I really wanted a space where I could focus on my clients, blogging and content creation without my home life getting involved. I wanted this space to really showcase my personality and my brand.


The Photographer That I hired to help Capture this project is now my good friend Alesia from SaltnStreets Photography located in Ottawa. I knew Alesia would be perfect for the job because of our last shoot we did together in March which turned out exactly the way I wanted it too. I love her style Photos and her hunger for light.IMG_5715



After changing my brand’s image, I need whatever photographer I work with to respect the theme of my brand; which is pink and very bright photos. Obviously, Alesia delivered. Her pictures are well focused and have that white brilliance that I love so much. I only wish she lived in Montreal (LOL).IMG_5746

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Simple Boho Wedding Shoot


wedding-13 1st

Hello Friends,

I am very proud to present to you our very first Boho photoshoot with my lovely partner Stacey from @Ultimateplanner. First of all, you need to know that she has been so supportive since the day we have met; working with her has truly been a blessing. Now let me tell you how this beautiful photoshoot came to life… 

Since I got my WPIC certification, I really wanted to get things going and I shared my vision with StaceyAnn. I was thinking “This is it! We’ve got to do a photoshoot with models in a nice field looking all cute and stuff”. I researched venues and outdoor spaces that would look nice and that couples could use as well for their own wedding venue. After weeks of research, I finally remembered @MaisonLavande  located in St-Eustache. Oh, that beautiful lavender field. It had just conquered my heart. 

A couple of days later while I was at work, I saw my boss arrive with his old white beetle Volkswagen Cabriolet. I asked him if it would be possible to use his car for a project I had in mind and he agreed to it. (so nice!) 



It was clear as water; I could just see it. It had to happen.

I called the venue right away and asked them how it worked and thankfully they are super lenient to their customers and when it comes to photoshoots too. The very next day I told Stacey: “I’m planning a photoshoot for June.” A photoshoot that we had to do together! 

I contacted my favorite makeup artist of all times Natasha Mouhteros and the amazing photographer David Kidd whom I met a while ago. 

Stacey contacted our bride as they had worked together before and she also played the role of florist for that event. David provided the Groom and well, the amazing beautiful pictures. Melissa Dirocco our second photographer provided by Stacey was also part of this incredible project; her pictures will be posted soon. 

The dress was purchased at the Boudoir 1861 and the suit was sponsored by Jenaro Suits. 

The Flower Crown was made by me. (very proud)   




You guys, I only have love for these people. They have made this first experience so memorable. They put their trust in À La Vie and donated their time, love and attention; for that I am forever grateful and humbled. 

I want you to know that if you are starting your business or just doing a first-time project, please believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people. That is the greatest gift you could do to yourself. 


Andrea from À la Vie Wedding & Events

@andreacvivast, @alavieevents


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My favourite Wedding Movies

Sometimes wedding planning can be extremely stressful, especially if you don’t have a good support team. Planning a wedding is  serious work but you need some humour to get you through the long days and nights of, sight visits, venue tasting, flower choosing and all that Jazz. When I’m feeling over worked and tired I turn to some of my favourite wedding movies to bring back some laughter in my life and a subtle reminder of why I love planning weddings. 

If your planning you’re wedding or planning a wedding turn on your Netflicks or pop in a DVD and watch one of my favourite wedding movies, to keep you going.


Father of the Bride

father of the bride

Wedding singer


Run away Bride

Runaway Bride

The Wedding planner


My Big fat Greek Wedding


Monster In Law


American Wedding


The Best Man

The bestman





Happy Planning!



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Activia Yogurt parfait Simple recipe



My go too Activia Yogurt Parfait simple recipe

Activia has always been one of my favourite yogurts. Yogurts are a great and healthy snack especially for us working moms on the go all the time. Reasonably priced and with a variety of flavours you can’t go wrong with a yogurt for a quick snack. Filled with BL regularis which helps you to be regular.

My 2 year old LOVES yogurt even though he calls it GOGURT. I love the fact that I can also buy a large portion and make parfaits at home which makes for a great snack.

This recipe is super simple and customizable.


Ingredients For Activia Yogurt Parfait

ACTIVIA plain yogurt or Vanilla flavoured

4 Large strawberries

Granola Sweetened with honey or plain

1 TBSP Dark chocolate chips



Instructions for Activia Parfait

In a 11oz Glass put a 1/2 cup of yogurt

Then place 1/3 cup of Granola

Top off With strawberries and chocolate chips

As I said Making a yogurt parfaits are really easy to make and customizable to your taste, you can top of with any fruit of your choice and can replace the dark chocolate chips with milk or white.





Happy Parfaing!



Happy eating!

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