Crunchy Chopped Salad recipe

I guess the reason why I love salads so much is for the crunch. Of course all the nutrients and vitamins are important but for me it has to taste good as well. Healthy eating should never feel like a burden or a chore, so I love combining some of my favourite veggies and create delicious salads. This salad will be a super crunchy and slightly spicy, perfect for lunch or a nice salad for a Bbq.


Prep Time 25mins                                  Serving 2-3 people



2 Stems of Celery chopped

Half of english cucumber (heart removed and chopped)

3 raddish chopped

3 Pepperroncini seeds moved and chopped

pinch or salt

pinch or pepper

1tsp of extra virgin olive oil



Chop all veggies and place into a bowl. Depending on your, liking you can chop veggies at any size this time I went medium ish size in these photos. season with salt, pepper and olive oil, mix until even coated. garnish with curly parsley give one more stir and that’s is. Serve alone or add some protein.

All my salad recipes are customizable to your own taste. If you’re enjoying these quick salad recipes then please leave a comment or message me on Instagram.



Happy Salading