If there is one thing you need to know about people from Montreal is that we love food. Downtown Montreal
My weekly meal prepping doesn't necessarily consist of making meals and containering them out in the fridge. My prepping usually
2020 was supposed to be a significant year for me because I turned 30 and in my mind there were
Cucumbers are a staple in my house, its that one veggie that we all love. The kids enjoy them for
My obsession with wooden toys start when I had Senai 10 years ago and discovered Melissa Doug toys at winners.
Almost every night I have a cup of green tea so I can benefit from all its goodness. One of
I never use to meal plan until after the third kid. I was the Queen of winging it. With a
I grew up on one type of Fresh herb which was Thyme, Thyme is a staple herb used in Jamaican/Caribbean
Have you ever felt bloated? I know I have Bloating is such a common issue. It occurs when your abdomen
During the quarantine and being home with the kids full-time my schedule has been all out of sorts. Normally I