My Favourite Body Scrubs

The best way to transform you ordinary shower into a luxurious experience is simply adding a body scrub to your shower routine. If you suffer from dry flakey skin a good scrub and a nice moisturizer will help. On my legs above my knees I have what I now know is called strawberry skin.

Strawberry legs describes the appearance of dark spots in the skin occurring in a pattern that corresponds to hair follicles or pores,” says dermatologist Blair Murphy-Rose, MD. Causes vary but include when shaven hairs are darker (and therefore, more visible) than skin color, enlarged hair follicles, clogged pores, and keratosis pilaris (

One of the ways I helped with my own strawberry skin was using physical exfoliants in the shower after and in-between shaving. with the colder season coming up drier skin is not to far behind. I will be continuing to use my body scrubs right through the winter. If your simply looking for a way to make your skin smoother here is a list of my favourite body scrubs.

  1. For Love and Nymphs – Goddess Butter is AMAZING especially if your looking for a scrub to help with hydration. Its so luxurious and all natural ingredients handmade by a Canadian Boss Babe.
  2. Herbivore- Coco Rose scrub I like to decide as a feminine dream scrub. If your feeling like you need to revitalize and have a more feminine smelling scrub.

3. Sol de janeiro Bum Bum body scrub Smells so amazing and leaves you smelling like the islands. I love this one during the summer months or on vacation

4. Fenty Skins Buff Ryder is a great and quick in shower scrub. The scrubs are a bit finer and the application is easier because of the tube. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling smooth .

Happy Scrubbing!


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