How to choose your wedding playlist our Top 10 Wedding hits


How many playlist do you currently have right now? I am guessing a few, one for cooking, a playlist for working out, one for the car, and the list goes on. Choosing your weddings songs for your specific dances like father/daughter, mother/son, first dance etc can be challenging.

A great place to start narrowing down which songs you’d like on your wedding playlist are…

  1. Think back on past dates or weddings you’ve attended together. What were the song you’ve dance too during your relationship, which one has the most meaning and sentiment, which describes your relationship in the song.
  2. If you find a song that truly expresses the way you feel about your significant other or describes them choose that song. 
  3. A unique way to spice up your list is too use you’re parent fist dance song or grandparent(bonus way to honour a family member.
  4. Don’t be afraid to choose song from an artist you do not know. That song can actually be a hit.
  5. Some people opt out on having music play at their ceremony and cocktail, and simply have a live band or instrumental type music. There is absolutely noting wrong just make sure it the right tempo.

Happy Planning.


Here are Our Top 10 wedding hits

1.’Here and now’ By: Luther Vandross
2.’At Last’ By: Etta James
3.’Endless Love’ By: Lionel Richie& Diana Ross
4.’The wedding song(There is Love)’ By: Peter, Paul and Mary
5.’I finally found someone’ By: Bryan Adams& Barbra Streisand
6.’Power of love’ By: Celine Dion
7.’Love of a life time’ By: Firehouse
8.’One in a million’ By: Aaliyah
9.’All My life’ By: KCi& JoJo
10.’Eternal Flames’ By: Bangles