How I stay Organized as a wedding planner

How I stay Organized

Being a wedding planner there is no doubt that there are a billion and one things on my brain at the same time . one of the number one reason why couples hire a wedding planner is to help with organization and timing. One of the biggest assurances I can give to my clients is that my team is organized, punctual and I’m a certified wedding planner.


How do I stay organized?

 keep reading this post to find out my 3 simple secrets on how I stay organized as a wedding planner and entrepreneur.




  1. MY AGENDA: as you probably figured an agenda would be on the list, so yes my agenda is one of my key tools on staying organized. A few colleagues of mine have advised me to use my phone and save my appointments in my google calendars, but I just can’t use an electronical devise to schedule appointments or take notes. personally I love using pen and paper. I’ve also noticed that once I put my pen to the paper, the ideas start coming naturally.
  2. My Note books and pens: If your in this industry then you know how busy your mind can become in the planning stages with clients. Many times, meetings are like one big brainstorming session and if your not taking notes something might fly over your head, and you never want to miss anything it might be the most important part of the meeting.Organizing my ideas
  3. Setting an alarm: My younger sister uses her alarm on her iPhone for everything. At first I use to make fun of her until one day I was on Instagram for 2 hrs without even noticing. After that 2 hrs of wasted time I figured I can use my alarm clock to alert me when I have meetings, networking events or an evening out. Also using an app for when my post need to be scheduled and posted. I use the app called “Later” which I absolutely LOVE. not only can you schedule your Instagram posts, it also gives you the option to see how that scheduled post will look in your feeds before posting. 

Happy Planning