Wedding day blues? 5 ways to honour your passed loved ones


Wedding day….

Planning your Wedding day is difficult enough, not to mention if you have a loved one who has passed away. Many of you may have that significant someone in your life that passed away before your Wedding day but you still want to include their presence, if this is your situation, and your looking for ways to include them, then this post is for you keep on reading.

Finding ways to honour that someone is important to you to it include on your day.  It can be tricky to come up with Ideas, but there are some simple and subtle ways you can include the memory of that person. 

Place a picture somewhere, where everyone can see it. It can be a wedding picture or a simple photo that represents who they were.

If there are multiple people that need to be honoured, place a few candles and a signage saying “For the ones who have passed on but never forgotten”.

Candles close up

 Include their favourite flower in your floral designs or adding one to your bouquet and boutonnieres.


If it’s a parent, like your mother or father thats really personal, so you might want to do something more like play a slideshow of pictures or a video something really sentimental on your wedding day.

Have a moment of silence. Choose a time during your ceremony or reception and take that moment.

Give a speech or read a poem.

Its never easy dealing with death, but their are ways to honour and lighten the mood or even get a conversation started. I hope this quick post will sparks some ideas on including everyone to your wedding that needs to be there.

Happy Planning