The Difference between,vendor coordinator and Wedding planner.

More and More, wedding vendors are offering coordinators in they’re event packages. Often Brides and Grooms feel that, because they’re is a coordinator included in their package, there is no need for a wedding planner. “WRONG”

don’t get me wrong venue coordinators are needed and useful especially as a median between the vendor, wedding planner and the couple.

Wedding Planners

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Hiring a wedding planner is like hiring a personal assistant specifically for your wedding needs. A wedding planner will be the most intimate relationship you’ll build during your planning process. Often I’ve heard from other planners that they’ve become good fiends with their past clients. The cost of a wedding planner can vary between planners depending on their experience, location budget etc. Some of the roles your wedding planner will have are

  • Budget management
  • Finding location for reception and ceremony
  • guest list
  • seating arrangements
  • floor plan and event layouts
  • Time table of wedding day
  • Theme development
  • Recommending and visiting vendors
  • Communication with other wedding vendors you’ve hired
  • Theme and style development
  • Over seeing everything the day of.

These are just a few task a wedding planner will have upon hiring. Every couple is different and will hire planners for many different reasons. A good time to hire your planner is after you’ve decided on a date.

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Vendor Coordinator 

A vendor coordinator is the personnel at your venue site that will be helping you with everything related to the ceremony and reception. Their job is to make sure everything run smoothly in terms of timing and serving guest. 

Some of the role a venue coordinator will have are

  • Creating the day timeline
  • Ensuring important planning for the day of
  • Taking care of all the logistics when it comes to all the other vendors like direction, parking vouchers, venue rules and policies.
  • Overseeing everything on the day the wedding

Sometime having a Venue coordinator is enough for your wedding needs, but don’t forget the difference.


Happy Planing