Signature cocktails Tips for your event

Tired of going to Weddings & Events and having the same drinks? Would you like to enjoy a beverage other than wine,vodka,rum, or champagne? Would you like to serve your guests mixed cocktails in order to keep them drinkingThen keep on reading!

Coming up with a signature cocktail for your event can be a great way to keep your guests engaged and drinking.


First: Discuss with each other what your favourite alcoholic beverages are. If you have many, then narrow them down to at least two each.Come up with what kinds of juice or tracers you both like.

Consider that you may have older guests, so something not too sweet but enjoyable and not too strong. Incorporate your theme colours to your drink. The whole point of signature cocktails is to make it as personalized as possible.Come up with a fun name for your drink that best describes the taste and the effort you put into creating this cocktail.