Quick Tips: #WeddingPictures

One of the biggest complaints my previous clients have had was that their wedding photos were all over the internet before they even had a chance to post it themselves. With everyone on numerous social media outlets, it is becoming harder to keep track of who and what is being posted about your wedding. Here are some quick tips to keep track of what your guests are posting and for you to be in control.


  1. Design a specific hashtag for your wedding and make it visible at your ceremony site and reception for all guests to see. This is a fun way to have your guests post photos and an easy way for you to find them. For example use your names+wedding year (#Jennifer&Paulwed2015).
  2. Specifically ask your guests not to post pictures of the wedding before you have done so. Usually guests are compliant and will respect your wishes.
  3. Ask your guests to restrain from using their phones at your wedding and be interactive with family and friends.

Happy Planning!