Strawberry Banana Beauty Booster Smoothie

Ways to ask your girls to be your BridesMaids-3

                Simple and delicious Strawberry Banana Smoothie   With the three kids, I’m finding it really hard to have breakfast everyday. I decided that with my weight loss journey and having to look after three little ones I needed something quick and healthy. To be honest I’m not much of a […]

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Prosecco with Blended Berries

Blended Berries

Prosecco with blended berries is the perfect and simple drink to serve for a New Year’s Brunch or a bridal shower. Serve this delicious drink with a nice cheese board or some baked, and voilà you have the perfect brunch!    Simply freeze your assorted berries for a few hours or overnight. I used raspberries […]

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Easy Holiday Punch


    Holiday Punch Holiday Punch: Holiday Season is just around the corner, which involves a lot of eating and drinking. During the Holidays I like to pig out but try to incorporate healthier options. Today I’m sharing my simple holiday punch, with only 5 simple ingredients.  This drink can work not only for the holiday’s […]

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