Summer wedding planning? Here are some quick tips to cope with the heat

Having a Summer wedding ceremony outdoors can be one of the most beautiful elements to add to your wedding. Montreal summers can be quite unpredictable, but for the past few summers we have been having record breaking heat waves “No Complaints”

Its always a good idea to incorporate elements to your Summer wedding to help your guest cope with the heat.

Here are a few items that you can add to your outdoor wedding decor to help guests cope with the heat

  1. A decorated basket with fans
  2. A decorated basket with sunscreen for adults and children (SPF of 45 blocks roughly 98% of suns UVB rays)
  3. A station with cold beverages such as infused water, lemonade or plain old H2O.

The best months to host an outdoor wedding on the island of Montreal are:

  1. LATE May
  2. June
  3. July 
  4. August
  5. EARLY September 

Happy Planning!