Host a Bridal Shower at home with these quick tips for a successful event


Planning a Bridal shower on budget doesn’t have to look like it. Here are a few pointers that can help you in hosting your friends’ or your own Bridal shower at home in an elegant and cost efficient way.

The Drinks

A simple yet elegant way to add some fun to your drinks is to add a Mimosa Bar; this calls for you to pull out the fancy glasses and pitchers. Whether you set it up on a Bar cart or your dining table, a Mimosa bar is always fun and tasty option for drinks. Traditionally, Mimosas are served with orange juice and champagne but if you want to spice things up a little you can serve it with either sparkling wine or brut. Another delicious way to serve this bubbly beverage is by substituting the orange juice with either grapefruit, mango or even pineapple juice. Garnish with berries or a slice of fruit, and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.




Food is Life

If the idea of preparing a full course, sit down meal seems daunting and stressful a great alternative can be to have a grazing table. Don’t over think the meals, less can also mean more. Grazing tables are perfect for bridal shower brunches because they provide a variety of foods to pick from. A simple but elegant grazing table that will compliment your mimosas bar can consist of cheeses, fruits, and chocolates. The grazing table below was designed by Hannah from A la Table, you can use this as a guide in creating your own.





Servers out

Don’t forget to pull out the lovely cutlery, as visuals can heavily impact your guests’ experience.  When doing a Bridal shower at home you can keep the meals light, but adding a little beauty to the presentation makes all the difference. Cute table settings and utensils defiantly improves the ambiance of your bridal shower. Though the serving dishes are important, there is no need to put yourself in unnecessary expense when planning at home. There is no need to go out and purchase Hermes dishes (unless you can afford it, then why not). These days you can find some beautifully designed plastic/paper plates and utensils. The added bonus to using these is cleanup is done in a jiffy.

Bridal Shower 

Flower is power

Having floral arrangements at any function is a must, even more so for bridal showers and weddings. Though fake flowers are inexpensive and reusable, but they are not my preference. There is just something about fresh flowers that sets the mood right and brings class as well as elegance to your event. That being said, don’t get carried away and order a huge amount of the most exotic and expensive flowers you can find. I always

find that blooms like carnations and roses are perfect when hosting bridal showers at home. Just add a few filler flowers such as wax along with greenery and there you go, a simple yet elegant floral arrangement. You can head on over to your local flower market and pick up a variety blooms and greenery to make your arrangements. But if doing floral arrangements is not one of your talents, you can always turn to your local florist or event stylist.

Bridal shower


Bridal shower

Home is where the hearts at

These tips are perfect for hosting bridal/baby showers or even a ladies brunch at home. But if after going through the tips you are still apprehensive about hosting at home and your budget doesn’t allow you to rent out a hall, a cost efficient way is to rent a studio. A lot of photographers and bloggers rent their studios out for a few hours. It’s an inexpensive way to have a beautiful venue and you’ll also be supporting small business owner in your area. This photo was taken at the @hey.maca and @lazymoms studio which is a perfect location to host a bridal shower.


 Happy Planning




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