How to style a floral cart for crowns and bouquets

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Planning a bridal shower on budget doesn’t have to look like it. Here are a few pointers that can help you in hosting your friends’ or your own Bridal shower at home in an elegant and cost efficient way.


Floral Bar Carts have been trending since 2018 and this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Here are some quick tips on how to organize a floral cart of your own in a cost efficient way.


2018 saw brides turning to a more “at one with nature” look which is well suited for floral crowns. This trend blends well with a bohemian theme wedding or bridal shower. Lately, brides have been opting out of traditional bridal showers where she sits alone at a decorated table and are turning to more inclusive activities that allows for more interactions between the bride and her guests. Hosting a floral workshop is a perfect way to have an engaging event, it also leaves your guests with a beautiful take away. 

Floral cart

Planning a floral workshop for your bestie’s shower or even your own doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Start by choosing flowers that are strong as well as long lasting. My go to flowers for stability and durability are Carnations, these blooms, if given just a little extra care will last over 2 weeks. Roses are also a good option as they will last long, as long as the stems are cut and the water changed daily. Another recommendation is Peonies, these are extremely pretty and will open up into a giant bloom. Along with flowers, your cart needs some greenery. You can add some seeded eucalyptus or even a bit of wax will do the trick. Something to be noted about wax is that it sheds a lot and can be a bit prickly.


To add a little extra something to the area where your floral cart will be, you can place a nice painting or a cute saying fit for the occasion above the cart. Include some bud vases with tags as well, as these will aide your guests in making little arrangements of their own. If you’re not sure how much of each stems to get, you can turn to your local florist or wedding stylist for help. Keep in mind the number of attendees you’ll have so as to ensure everyone leaves with a beautiful flower arrangement of their own.

Floral cart

I Hope these tips find you well, If your still unsure on how to design a cart or don’t want to go through the troubles please contact us here

Happy Flowering!






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