Wooden Toy collection Inspired by Montessori Play

My obsession with wooden toys start when I had Senai 10 years ago and discovered Melissa Doug toys at winners. Senai was a fast learner and figured out her puzzles in no time. When I had Mekhi and Aneeka I quickly realized they were fast and eager learners just like their bigger sister. Like clock work I headed over to winners and grad as many Melissa Doug wooden learning toys for  playtime learning. I believe kids should be fun but are help with learning. Why I like Melissa Dougs wooden toys is the fact that some are Montessori approved and easily accessible at winners.

Ever since Mekhi Started a Montessori Pre k Ive been in love with their approach and the way they teach. One of the things I love the most is their toys and learning approach. Montessori toys encourages stimulation, experimentation, and the development of fine motor skills through toys.

Here are some of the Melissa Doug Wooden toys I love and some other brands I discovered as well

Abacus Classic Wooden Toy

Large Farm Jumbo Knobs 8 pieces

First Play wooden stacking toys

DJeco wooden toys

Scoot- Around by Harpe

Wooden name Puzzle


Happy Toy Shopping