2020 was supposed to be a significant year for me because I turned 30 and in my mind there were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I hit the dirty thirty. One of my top goals was getting my health on tract. Eating better and exercising more became the top priority.

I decided to start taking my vitamins consistently when I changed my diet because I was worried I wasn’t  getting enough Vitamins and Minerals from my meals. I started taking my multivitamins more and gradually was feeling better within a month of taking consistently.

Later on I added Omega 3,6,9 To help with cardiovascular health and maintain healthy brain function. I thought that was an important one to add considering I hit the 3-0.

About 6 months now I was Introduced to Arrae “Bloat” capsules that are a mixture of six herbs that work together to help alleviate  bloat naturally. For ore information on the Arrae Bloat capsule click here for recent post.

I am no Doctor or nutritionist but I diagnosed myself with IBS years ago because of course I googled symptoms I was constantly having especially after certain food and spices, and that was the result. By Adding a probiotic to my roster I was able to alleviate some of the uncomfortable episodes and feel great in the gut.

I added calcium but I don’t take everyday not sure why but I don’t feel the need to take it everyday maybe I should.

I also Take Goli gummies which are apple cider vinegar gummies without the harsh taste of the apple cider.