5 Benefits of drinking Green tea

Almost every night I have a cup of green tea so I can benefit from all its goodness. One of the reasons I love drinking green tea after dinner is because of its instant bloat relief. I started drinking green tea about 5 years ago and its become one of my preferred teas. Once I heard that its good for skin maintenance and anti-inflammatory I was sold. Here are 5 benefits Green tea provides when you drink on a regular. The recommended amount of cups to reap the benefits are 2-5 cups.

  1. Its a great source of Antioxidants (molecules that fight free radicals)
  2. Lower risks of certain Cancers
  3. Increase Fat burring (depending on the individual)
  4. Helps support immunity
  5. Protects the skin from aging

My goal is to add at least another cup or 2 of green tea to my daily intake but Keeping in mind Green tea does contain Caffeine.



Here is the Tea Box organizer that I love click HERE