My basic Salad with Beans and leafy greens.


I love going out and having a nice salad, but I love making basic ones from home. When it comes to the types of salads I like their  simple but extremely delicious. I normally make my salads with romain lettuce, radicchio, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocado and red onions. The other day I feeling for my quick bean salad and my normal house salad, So I decided to just make it together

It was so good.

I thought I shared this recipes for this salad its quick and easy and full of proteins.


Basic Bean salad with leafy greens

Perfect for lunches and dinner salad





















2 cups of romain lettuce finely chopped

1 can of mixed beans (ready for salad can)

12 cherry tomatos (diced in halves)

1/4 of a cucumber chopped in small small triangles)

1 Tablespoon of red onions

Add salt and pepper to taste





Basically toss altogether and Voila!

I added my dressing separately which is my poppy seed house dressing, but you can simply add oil vinegar oregano salt and pepper Or whatever dressing you love!

 (If you’d like ill post the recipe for my quick bean salad comment below)


Happy Eating!