Valentines day inspirational shoot



Valentine’s day to me is just about cuteness for the kids and for inspirational purposes. My partner and I get super weird when it comes to buying Valentine’s day gifts because we are never sure if we really need to buy each other anything. This year I didn’t go crazy on VDay gifts for my loved ones, but I styled a few pieces to inspire you but also to share with them.
It is not necessary but still important to show it; good intentions are always nice.


If you are Hosting a brunch or lunch, having mimosas is an absolute YES!
I love my wines sparkly and sweet. I’ve been drinking Bottega for about 3 years, besides my Jacobs Creek Moscato, and so you can tell Bottega is one of my favorites. If I am hosting a brunch or lunch or just simply celebrating, having a mimosa is very important to me and let’s be honest, mimosas are always a great hit at any event. 

Plus, it is so easy to make; the ingredients are super simple.

In my mimosa, I do the following:


1/2 glass of simply Orange juice

Topped off with a Prosecco,  

Then add berries of your choice




Now, no Valentine’s day is complete without having some sweets. Normally people go straight to the chocolate and pastries. For this shoot, we of course had some heart-shaped chocolates and Hershey’s kisses, but we added some old fashion Timbits with marshmallows and strawberries. When it comes to sweets, I’m super picky but once I find something I like then I Kill it.





I think your Valentine’s day should be however you want it to be. To me it is a time to help my daughter show and make cute things for her class also for sweets and more wine (hihi). We don’t mind if there are no gifts involved, simply because we buy each other things all the time so what’s one more day? Also, with 2 children it is a bit trickier to find a sitter on Vday so if it falls on a weekday, we don’t even go out until the weekend, but that is for another topic.





Happy Valentines Day!


@alavie.ev     Editor

@sarah.dja    Photographer