Save-the-date card Etiquette

Want to announce your engagement and upcoming wedding with save-the-date cards? 

Here are some quick facts and etiquette on how to use those Cards


Over the holidays you got engaged and planning is underway. You’ve both decided on a date and want to make sure all your future guest don’t come up with last minute excuses as to why they can’t attend. Using save the date Cards are just as useful as your wedding invitations and can be used two ways.

Before the Actual wedding invitations

After you’ve decided on a date and you’ve drafted up a rough copy of you’re guest list, using a save the date card is the first step.

unsure of your location but you want your guest to be aware of the date so they can either arrange for travels and advise their bosses. In my experience using save-the date- cards is a great tool to let guest know there is a wedding coming up and they can look forward to an actual invitation with more details. They come in handy especially if you have family and friends out of town so they can arrange their travels in advance.

After the wedding invitations has been sent out

You can also use, save the date cards as a reminder to your guest who have already received the wedding invitation. Sometimes guest will receive their invitations but not pay close attention to the date. Sending a save the date card 3-6 months before the ceremony is a great idea to get guest excited and as a reminder if they have not yet responded to whether they’re attending or not. 






Your Save the date cards does not necessarily have to match your wedding theme, especially if you’re sending them out before you make all those decisions. You can get creative and think of  fun ideas. If your sending them out after you’ve decided on all your colours and themes, I suggest having them match this gives your guest a glimpse of what to expect on the big day. If your a couple on a budget you can easily design your cards yourself and print them at your local print shop!





Happy Planning!