My Fav Beauty products for the Month of June

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Hey guys!! I’m back with another review of my favorite beauty products for the month of June. This month’s review is on the amazing Fresh Beauty care products. I will be reviewing a few products from their rose petal line.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Fresh Beauty, I will start by giving a short introduction on the company. Launched in 1991 by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, their mission was to create skin care products that was centered on using naturally infused ingredients. Their debut product was an oval soap, which was beautifully wrapped in an artisan type paper. Over the years, they have continued to release amazing beauty products.

I first came across Fresh Beauty while shopping at Sephora. I got a sample of their rose petal infused face mask, which I fell in love with and resulted in me buying two more products from this line. To be honest, I only use my Fresh products on the weekends as that is when I get to relax the most. Their products are extremely soothing and relaxing, it’s like being at the spa whenever I use them.


The Rose deep Hydration Toner  is one of the products I use from this line. The toner helps to calm and sooth the skin, I especially love using this product on the weekends after I’ve had a long week and need to unwind with my favourite glass of whatever. When using, you first need to cleanse your face with your regular cleanser then apply the toner.

Along with the toner, I have also been using the Rose deep hydration sleeping mask and the results are fantastic. These masks provide AMAZING MOISTURE for your face, I absolutely love them. The morning after using this mask, I look like a glow bomb. My skin care routine consists of two types of sleep masks, one from Laniege and this one from Fresh. To use this mask I start by washing my face with lukewarm water, unless I wore makeup that day, then I use my face wash. After cleaning, I use the Fresh Rose Toner then apply the mask. This mask has a 2 step application, first you apply the gel mask followed by the thicker one and Voila off to bed you go!!

All my products were purchased at Sephora Canada.


Happy Masking!