5 Tips to plan a successful wedding in Montreal. Insider scoop and advise!

As Wedding planners and decorators, we strive to give our customers the best and most successful events possible. Managing the planning of a wedding plus your everyday life can be stressful, draining, and confusing. Here are 5 Tips to plan a successful wedding in Montreal.

1. Design A Theme & Research it

You might have thought that the first tip would have been “set a budget” but strangely enough, it isn’t. We believe in order to set a budget you need to know what certain things cost. First, you need to know the style direction you’re going in so that you know how much of your budget has to go towards your flowers, invitations, sweet table, etc. Research your desired theme, but make sure it’s within your means and is achievable. Make sure that there are vendors in your region that offer certain goods and services that you have your eye on.

2. Set A Budget & stick to it

Now that you know your style and researched what you might need, it’s time to set a budget and stick to it. Setting a budget can be hard, but it has to be done or else your can find yourself going overboard with the spending and losing track of your goal. Make sure for each aspect of your wedding you decide how much you want to spend and stick to it.

3. Attend 1 or 2 Bridal shows

There are many Bridal shows that happen all year long! They’re usually priced anywhere from $10-$20. In my opinion, it’s worth it. Bridal shows can be very helpful in your planning and designing process. It also gives you access to many vendors that you can ask questions and access to samples of their work. 

4. Process of elimination

Now that you’ve gone to the bridal show and have a bag of goodies, what do you do now? Process of elimination! Go through this big bag of samples and cards and choose at least 3 vendors of each wedding service provider. Start looking at websites, reading reviews and getting a feel of the vendor and their personality. Once you’ve gotten the hang of vendor research, you’re ready for step 5

5. Start the planning

Start sending out e-mails, making appointments, and booking! 

We hope these 5 Tips to plan a successful wedding in Montreal was helpful leave a comment!

Happy Planning!