Simple cheese board for the Holidays


I love the holiday season, It’s a time where family and friends get together to eat, drink and be merry.

If your looking for a cute and cost effective way to serve an entree or host a wine and cheese night for your girls keep reading this post on our simple cheese board styling.

When I was younger I was never a big cheese eater. Growing up and discovering wine, I found a new love for cheese or at least a new appreciation for cheese. Thanksgiving is literally in a few days and I’ll most likely be hosting or attending a dinner party. I designed a simple cheese board that will be perfect to bring to a dinner party, or have one available if I’m hosting. 


I purchased all my cheeses at Provigo and was able to use my optimum points to save some coins. The cheeses that I prefer are Brie, blue, cheddar the list goes on. When I first started discovering cheese boards and platers the meat that was served with, was always pork, which was a bummer because I do not eat it. I designed my board for non pork eaters “yes its possible” the meats I used was Turkey, chicken and beef salami.



What you serve your platter with is important. I used my marble cheese boards that I found at homesense for a very decent price. Homesense is an amazing place to find beautiful serve wear for dinner parties or holiday serving. I also found my cheese knifes at home sense I have 2 sets from the Samatha Pynn


Christmas is right around the corner so a cheese knife set is always a good gift idea !


Happy CheeseBoarding






Cheese Board Graphics