Quick Halloween Snack


When I was growing up were not allowed to go trick or treating until we were 8-10 years old. I grew up for the most part in a strict christian home. I think the only reason we were able to go was because my mom softened up a bit and all the cousins around us were going. I bring and dress my kids up for halloween for their enjoyment.


My 2 little ones are still too young to go door to door, so we will be handing out chocolates and will be having a little halloween party at home. For their snacks I wanted to keep it some want healthy but not taking away the treat aspect. Bear Paws recently came out with a new mix melange and we used that and reeces mini bites and popcorn. Simple mix no need to turn on the oven or have a entire recipe list for this snack just add everything into a large bowl and there you go.


Happy Halloween