Quick Tip: Floral arrangements By Margaret Saccucci

As a wedding/event planner and decorator, it is my job to keep up with what is in season for weddings. It’s also my job to educate myself to know what brides and grooms are looking for in regards to their decor and floral arrangements. Recently I’ve been reading several blogs about floral arrangements to see what is in season; In no way am I a florist. That’s why I decided to contact one of Montreal`s finest florists… Margaret Saccucci/Floral concierge 

I was reading that high floral arrangements are what couples prefer. Therefore, we asked Margaret what she thought about this and asked for her opinion about high floral arrangements. She said that even though high arrangements look beautiful, couples need to consider the following factors:

  • Their Budget Determine where you want more flowers. Your honor table is the focal point, so keep that in mind when speaking with your florist about your arrangements.
  • The type of venue they’re renting What is the style of your venue? Is there a high or low ceiling? It makes a huge difference when deciding on centerpieces. If the ceiling is low, going for a high arrangement might be too heavy for the room. Save the high pieces for corner tables and the rest of the centerpieces can be smaller. 
  • What sort of decor does the venue offer with their package – Some venues offer decor pieces like floral arrangements, vases, and candelabras. These can be played with when deciding on your decor. Whatever the venue offers, if it goes with your vision, use it that way you can have more room to splurge on your head table, which is where your guests will be focusing their attention.

Happy Planning!