Montreal wedding dress vendor Punta Chiara

Montreal is known for having an abundance of wedding dress boutiques, especially in what we call our wedding dress district . . . St.Hubert street. What many do not know is that there are boutiques located all over the island of Montreal . . . some more hidden than others. What we discovered after attending a dress fitting with our September 2016 bride was Punta Chiara . . . a beautiful boutique located in Dorval. With exceptional customer service and a home like feeling, we believe that this boutique is one of a kind and what we call a hidden treasure in Montreal.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Owner, Toni who was extremely welcoming, open and honest.

What does the name Punta Chiara mean?

It simply means Pointe Claire.

How many years has this boutique been around?

We’ve been around for 11 years as of February 25, 2016.


What made you choose this line of work?

 I did not choose it. It chose me; I grew up in this industry. I watched my aunt who was a Haute Couturiere turn simple fabric into amazing master pieces.

What makes your boutique different from the rest?

CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I am extremely proud of my staff. We all work very well together and consider ourselves a family. This is extended to our clients from the moment they walk into our home. Our consultants care about our clients’ vision and are always very excited to make their special day come true.

How many different styles of dresses are there?/How many shades of white? How should a bride choose her dress?

I would say 4-6 different styles such as trumpet, ballgown, A-line, fit and flare etc; These are just a few. Designers are always re-inventing themselves. 

There are many shades of white. Not many brides choose that color. They tend to purchase ivory or a splash of blush, champange or moscate. Soon we will be seeing colors with hints of light blue, light pink, light violet, and even oyster. 

You can try to choose your gown by going on Pintrest. It has a lot of ideas. Bridal Magazines are always an option, or with the assistance of a consultant. His or her job is to help you see your vision and respect your budget and venue. Remember it’s okay to not know what you want. That is why we are here to help you find THE ONE! Please Remember to consider your VENUE and BUDGET.!!


How many people should be accompanying a future bride to a fitting?

We normally suggest that a bride invite 2-3 guests . . . someone very close to them that knows them the best and who’s not afraid to be honest and respectful of her final decision; For example : your mom or dad, sister, brother and or best friend. 

Whats the best advice you can give to a future shopper?

Give yourself plenty of time to purchase the gown. We prefer anywhere from 9 months to  a year. Remember alterations will be needed. Respect your budget, be practical and true to yourself. When you fall in love with a gown DO NOT CONTINUE TO SHOP! This will cause you to be stressed and confused. A good consultant must listen to their clients. Pictures of gowns that are liked should be sent to your consultant before the appointment. A good consultant will pull out anywhere from 5-10 gowns for you to try. Trust me when I say, your gown is amongst the first 5 gowns. A bride should never be pressured into buying a gown. However, when you know you have found the one, STOP SEARCHING!. Remember it’s your day, your vision and your dream. Lastly, do not forget to say ``YES TO THE DRESS“ CONGRATS!!!!