Our Robert Munsch books for Kids 0-12 year’s old

“Learn to read and you’ll never be fooled”

The Elementary school I went to was huge on literacy. Robert Munsch books were staples, I learnt how to read by reading Munsch books. What I love so much about these are the lessons and the amazing illustrations by Micheal Martchenko.

One of the ways that Munsch pulls in his young readers is by using lots of repetition. Once I had Senai I was very excited about collecting His books many of which I read as a child. My best friend also had a daughter before Senai and we started collecting together and exchange gifts with a Munsch book tucked inside.

I decided to do a full blog on this because I realized after I posted the reel on Instagram I forgot 3 that we had and are Mekhi’s Favourites.

Here are our personal collection of Robert Munsch books.

  1. I Love You Forever
  2. A Promise is a Promise
  3. We share everything
  4. Moving Day
  5. Makeup Mess
  6. Pyjama Day
  7. Wait and See
  8. Alligator Baby
  9. Up, Up Down
  10. Sandcastle Contest
  11. Seeing Red
  12. No Clean Clothes
  13. So Much Snow
  14. Get Out Of Bed
  15. Thomas Snow Suit
  16. Munsch Mini-Treasury Three(Mortimer, Purple,Green and Yellow, Show and Tell Davids father, Something Good)
  17. Mad About Munch (Smelly socks, More pies, Zoom, The sandcastle Contest)

Many of his books I’ve ordered through Scholastics and Indigo

Happy Reading