Beauty tools I use at home

It is no secret that I love at home beauty care. With the current Pandemic situation its has made me a little on the nervous side to go to a spa or have a facial done. I know that everyone is doing their upmost best to keep each other safe but my nerves and paranoias is getting the best of me in that department.

Over the last few months Ive been collecting and trying different techniques to offer myself an at home facial a la 2.0. Here are some of the tools I’ve been using at home to enhance my skincare routines.

One of the things that I took full advantage of during the Sephora sale this year was the Dr.Dennis Gross Facial Steamer. This steamer was a bit on the pricy side but well worth the coins. Using a Face steamer has so many great benefits. Steam helps to open your pores, enhance the products that you’re using, and helps to boost circulation. It’s recommended not to steam more than 2-3times a week. I personally use my steamer on the weekends when I have more time to take my time. I recommend to use your steamer after you’ve cleansed your skin I don’t recommend steaming on a dirty face. 

Incorporating an ice roller had been amazing for me. As much as I hate the cold I can’t hate on the Ice roller. Ice rollers has great benefits like helping to shrink the size of pores, helps with lymphatic drainage and helps to enhance your anti-again routine for younger and supple looking skin. I use my Ice roller in the early mornings when I wake up, right before I start my skin care routine. I focus mainly on my cheekbones because I get puffy in that area not my under eye.

One of the tools that I’ve been using the longest is my Gua sha from Herbivore. I love this rose quartz gua sha because of what rose quartz means love and beauty. For me that’s what skin care is about giving yourself the extra time and care. Gua Sha helps the lymphatic drainage and function, helps the absorption of your serums which you know how much I love my serums, helps to give you a dewy lustre looking skin, helps to calm and relax you in the moment, helps to relieve tension, helps to leave your skin with a tighter and brighter look and feel.

This 24k Gold wand Is one of the most luxurious tools I own today. This beautiful Anti aging vibration wand is perfect to add extra care to your skincare. Helps to boost skin cell turnover, Boost radiance, and increase elasticity in your skin. Why not own this at home super tool. I also use it to help relieve tension in my head after a long day or work. The best time to use this wand is on a cleansed toned face after you’ve applied your serums.

If you shop at shoppers then you’ll find these reusable bamboo Cotton swabs. As I try to be more conscious of my the amount of waste I contribute these have been a game changer. once upon times in one day I could go through at least 4-5 cotton pads a day. Do the math that’s 35 a week 140 a month. I clean my reusable cotton swabs by soaking them in my pre-cleanse, then wash them with my face wash, then soak off in boiling water. 

If your in your 30s like me I more sure some unwanted hairs are growing, in my case my upper lip. I love the Blades from the Pharmaprix brand Quo Beauty. I always have these on hand incase I need to clean my brows or shave my whiskers.


I hope you enjoyed all my recommendations on the tools to build an at home spa


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Happy Skincaring



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