My Top 4 Dermalogica Products

Since discovering Dermalogica almost 2 years ago I’ve been  hooked. My first experience was getting a facial (Pro Skin 60) at the Dermalogica downtown Montreal location and it felt amazing. Jessica took very good care of me and now I only book with her for my facials. I haven’t tried all they’re products, but the ones I have tried I’m absolutely in love with and they’ve quickly become my staples.


The first product I discovered was the precleanse. Lightly scented and not too oily this product removes 90% of your makeup in my experience. Days when I don’t apply any makeup I just use the pre cleanse to cleanse and that’s it. Once activated with warm water it turns into a milky liquid that leaves a nice refreshing clean.


The second product that I discovered was the Daily Microfoliant. I love this exfoliator, because it comes in powder form and you activate it by adding water. I believe that this allows you to choose for yourself how coarse or not you like it your exfoliant. On days where I feel my face looks dull or needs a deep clean I use this.


Third is the Special Cleansing Gel. This cleanser is so smooth and even though its a gel I swear it feels like melted butter on your skin. This cleansers is gentle but gets rid of all the grease and dirt, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.


Fourth Product is the Daily resurfacer. I call this my lazy girl skin care product. Individually packaged in little cotton swabs perfect for traveling or on the go skin care. I use this at night when I’m too tired to do my full routine. This product is packed with alpha and beta Hydroxy acids and will help to exfoliate and brighten your skin.


The products from Dermalogica has done wonders for my skin I hope you try and find something that will become your staple.

Happy Skin Caring

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