How to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids

Ways to ask your girls to be your BridesMaids

Having yours Girls bye your side to celebrate the most special day of your life is important. Many of you ladies have at least one friend that you’ve been through think and thin, breakups after break ups and drunken college nights together. Why not make your wedding another mile stone in your friendship by asking those few ladies to be your bridesmaids.

Asking your girls to be your bridesmaids is not just asking them to put on a pretty dress and stand beside you, the simple role may have a few or many important task to cover for the wedding. You maybe in charge of throwing the bridal shower, or bachelorette party. You may even be ask to handle some important aspects of wedding like keeping the dress or just be at your friends beck and call, that’s not easy. 

We know its a difficult task to ask your friend to be committed to you for a whole year and day, so we’ve come up with a few ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaid 

Flower Power

 Presenting your girl with a single wrapped rose or an eternal rose and a beautiful hand written note is both sentimental and personal. Describe in the note how much you’ve been through together and why you’re choosing her. This beautiful flower box is from Boîte a fleurs

sarahwhitephoto (26)

You’re so sweet

 Who know your girls sweet tooth better than you do, how about presenting them with candies or their favourite chocolates. Montreal has a variety of Candy shops where you can find sweets from all over the world. 

The Box 

Personalized boxes with fun stuff inside. Wine glass with her name written on it with a mini bottle of champagne with amazing party items. This box below is from Montreals Little shop of WOW


Bling them out

 Presenting your girl with a handmade bracelet or jewelry from a local artist is also a great to ask and support a local business. This Handmade bracelets are from Exquisite jewels by K IMG_2471

Beauty First

Take them on a nice spa day or just for a simple manicure, ask the salon if you can bring a mini bottles of champagne to celebrate the occasion This salon is located in Montreal Le Hideout



Ask them in the air 

Buying your girl a personalized single balloon is a super cute way to ask and will probably give you brownie points with that one. Give your girl a balloon in her favourite colour with your message printed on it. These Amazing balloons are from Balloom




 Pretty Cookie

Get your girls some sweet and tasty cookies as a way to ask them to be on board. Beautiful decorated cookies are an awesome way to send out your request.



The Movie

Buying your girl the Funny bridesmaid movie with a bottle of wine and popcorn and have a movie night.


Scratch and Win

On amazon there are these great cards where your friend scratches the card like a lotto ticket and the message is revealed


Happy Planning


Boitre A Fleurs

Little shop of wow

Exquisite Jewels by K

Le Hideout