Quick Tip: Budget estimate chart for Montreal weddings

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming. Having to construct an entire budget yourself and financing your wedding will make you realize how expensive it can become if not managed properly. As a wedding and event planner, one of our tasks is to assist our couples with their Montreal wedding budget. Our main goal is to work closely with our clients to achieve their vision and save at the same time.


Being in the event industry for over 5 years, I’ve experienced working with a wide range of budgets. The price of a Montreal wedding can soar beyond your expectations. This city and its surrounding areas has a lot to offer when it comes to weddings and events. Being 375 years old, Montreal is extremely rich with culture and history. I guarantee you can find exactly what you need.

Click the pink Link below and have access to a PDF chart we’ve designed to help our last years client

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A real Montreal wedding Budget

wedding Vendor Budget 

Happy Planning!