Is Valentine’s day Important after marriage?

Women, (myself included) have been guilty of saying that Valentine’s day doesn’t matter. However, we would get disappointed when we don’t receive a gift. Most of us women can agree that when it comes to the home and children, we take on more than our male counter parts… sorry men. Receiving a token of love and appreciation is always nice, and if you are like me, a nice bouquet of flowers does the trick.

Is Valentine’s Day important after marriage?

As a couple, before your wedding, I’m sure you have celebrated Valentine’s Day and have done gift exchanges. Now that you are married, is gift giving still required? Is it still important to buy your husband or wife that box of chocolate or a dozen roses?

We asked a few of our close friends if Valentine’s Day gift exchanges are still important and here’s what they had to say.

Mageline Paul: “I wouldn’t say it’s extremely important but it’s always nice to receive something. If ever it happens that he can’t buy me something or we cannot go out to eat, I won’t be upset with him” (married 1 year)

Kindrie Eaton: “Well we’ve never been big on Valentine’s day before or after being married. I kind of find it silly that there is only this one day you are supposed to express your love. People should be appreciated every day (cheesy I know!). This being said, life can get hectic so of course taking the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to show some extra attention to your significant other is important. This is probably even more true after marriage. People get settled and the kids take over etc. I would put more importance in doing a fun activity or a romantic gesture over gifts any day”.

Caroline Davis: “In the early stages of our relationship, yes, it mattered because we were newlyweds and so into each other, but with the kids and life we had other priorities than to think about Valentine’s Day. We said “Happy Valentine’s Day”, but gifts were not required. We got married a lot later in our relationship and had already been together over 20 years”.


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