Brides Bling.. How to choose your wedding day accessories.

Choosing your wedding day accessories can be just as difficult as choosing your gown. After you released that sigh of relief when you found your dress, you thought you were set…not quite. Okay! So, you’ve found your dress, but what about your Bride’s Bling?

Brides Bling you ask, YES! I’m talking about your necklace, earrings, bracelet, shoes, and hair pieces. Your attire is not complete unless you’ve put the finishing touches on them. But what do you choose? How do you decide on the perfect accessories that will complement your gown?

A good start is having your dress and knowing the style and look that you’re going for. For instance, if your dress is embellished with pearls you might want to incorporate that in you necklace and earrings. If you feel that it’s too much pearls, then find a set that has both pearls and diamonds. This will give you a classic vintage look.

If you’re going for the princess look, then choose Diamonds! It will be flashy but still classy at the same time. If your dress is embellished with crystals, or you have a sash on your dress with a crystal buckle, then think about not wearing a necklace. A tiara or some sort of head piece could also add a nice touch to this look.


To me, earrings are a MUST! If your ears are not pierced, not to worry, there are such things called clip on earrings. Whether you wear pearls or you wear diamonds, earrings can be a beautiful accent to your look. Nevertheless, wearing earrings is a personal choice.

Most women love shoes… not to mention Bridal shoes. Choosing your shoes can be a difficult process but keep in my mind that your comfort for the entire day is an essential part of the experience. Not everyone can afford a Manolo Blaniks, but the benefit of living in Montreal is that we have a vast variety of shopping centres. Whether it may be six inch stilettos or ballerina flats, I guarantee you will find your perfect shoes.

Happy planning!