Reading List for 2021

I do believe something very Magical can happen when you read a good book

-J.K Rowling

Reading and story time everyday is a priority for me and the children (even on weekends). One of my goals for 2021 is to read way more than I did in 2020. Through suggestions and recommendations I was able to formulate a decent list of books I want to read. To make sure I followed through with this goal I went ahead and put my money where my mouth is and purchase some of  the books. There is a method to my madness, I figured if I spent my coins then I actually have to read them.

The ones crossed out means I read them.

  1. Atomic Habits By James Clear
  2. Big Leap By Gay Hendricks
  3. Off Script By Marci Ien
  4. Bluest eyes By Toni Morrison
  5. Just as I am By Cicely Tyson With Michelle Burford
  6. Lazy Genius By Kendra Adacahi
  7. Profit first By Mike Michalowicz
  8. Productivity Project By Chris Bailey
  9. Superfans By Pat Flynn
  10. Growing influence By Ron Price
  11. The Gifts Of Imperfection By Brene Brown
  12. Keep it Shut By Karen Ehman
  13. Dare to Lead By Brene Brown
  14. Stories That Stick By Kindra Hall
  15. What happened to you By Oprah Winfrey


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