My Office reveal with Salt n Streets Photography

Office Shoot

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do an Office reveal because I worked so hard on putting together a space where I can work in peace without my children running around (lol).

 It has taken me 5 years and two offices to finally get it right and to be comfortable with my working area.

 Being a mom of a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old, can make working from home very difficult. Mainly because I get distracted with everything at home like laundry, dishes, Netflix, etc.

 You name it!

 I really wanted a space where I could focus on my clients, blogging and content creation without my home life getting involved. I wanted this space to really showcase my personality and my brand.


The Photographer That I hired to help Capture this project is now my good friend Alesia from SaltnStreets Photography located in Ottawa. I knew Alesia would be perfect for the job because of our last shoot we did together in March which turned out exactly the way I wanted it too. I love her style Photos and her hunger for light.IMG_5715



After changing my brand’s image, I need whatever photographer I work with to respect the theme of my brand; which is pink and very bright photos. Obviously, Alesia delivered. Her pictures are well focused and have that white brilliance that I love so much. I only wish she lived in Montreal (LOL).IMG_5746