Being A Mother of Two kids and counting.


Becoming a Mother

Being a mother is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs at the same time. I became a Mother at the age of 19, yeah I know, young eh? but I didn’t think so I thought I was ready for whatever motherhood had in store for me. At 19 I should of been planning to travel the world but instead I was planning a baby shower and expecting my first child.


The First!

On April 21st 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that weighed 7lbs 8 ounces. Thank God for having my mother who raised 6 of her own and many more. My mother was super hands on, still to this day she thought me everything I needed to know about caring for an infant. When she turned 6 months I was determined and wanted to prove that she would not ruin my life but make it better. I enrolled in Dawson Night school and started my journey of getting my DEC, at that time I was already certified with wedding planners institute of Canada and registered The Ultimate Planner  so I had plan A and B.



By the time she was 4 I graduated from college in the social service program Yeah I did I graduated college worked part time at Scores Family restaurant, which has been my part-time/full-time job since I was 15 so they also hold a special place in my heart for all the love, support  and help they’ve given me over the years.

After experiencing a awful breakup with her Dad I vowed that I would respect and love myself more than what I was doing over the years.


The Second

Flash forward to 3 years ago I met one of the most Humblest man Ive ever come across in my life. Being to together for not long we got pregnant with Twins, yes Twins I say, can you imagine not knowing someone for long and now you’re pregnant with twins. As that great news came terrible news followed. On May 19 2016 my twins were born but after one Month my Daughter passed of lung complications and whole bunch of other complications that is still too painful to discuss but the main cause of her departure was of immature underdeveloped lungs. on June 21st 2016 was the saddest day of my life.



Loosing and gaining a child is one of the most confusing situations a couple can ever experience. While you’re celebrating the birth of one you’re mourning the lost of another what a year its been. But I still have to Thank God because I have a beautiful healthy baby boy!





Here we are two years later after having my son and experiencing such a great lost, and now pregnant with another! Im so blessed and honoured to be able to carry another baby to full term that is healthy and growing. I won’t reveal what Im having just yet you’ll have to wait until the baby shower.

I hope you all enjoyed this post on getting to know my story a little bit and please leave your comments stories and any mommy suggestions

Happy Mothering!