My Fall CentrePiece

With Thanksgiving just around the corner what a better way to decorate your house with some fall decor.This year I chose to make my dining table centrepiece with items from Micheal’s, even though I thought I was late, I bought my items at the perfect time because all the fall decor was 50% off YEAH!! 



I fell in Love with this Basket the moment I seen it. It was the last one and I got it for $24.99 minus 50% off What a steal. The good thing about it is I can use it for Christmas and Have it for next years Fall season.

Next I added 3 bushes of flowers that I got for $10.00 mius 50% off which was great, It was the perfect colour palette EXCATLY what I was looking for.


I Tried my best to find real white Pumpkins but had no luck this year, but what I did find were these fake white pumpkins at Micheals which I thought were a good investment seeing that fall comes around every year and I can use them for next year they were 12.99 each minus 50%



Also found a real Squash but decided to paint it Chalk blue.



Fallpic3 copy