How I care for my Pregnancy skin

There is know doubt that during pregnancy your body goes through different changes. Not only does you’re body go through changes but so does your skin. one of the most visible changes that happens too most of us women are STRETCH marks, ugh! yes those things, they are what I like to call my battle stripes. Now I know most of us have tried all most every and anything to get rid but in my experience there is no magic solution to get rid of them unless you’re having a tummy tuck and your Doctor is stretching and tucking them away. During my last pregnancy with my Son I tried Clarins “stretch mark minimizer” and honestly I seen less stretch marks and they were not as visible as the ones when I was pregnant with my 1st.

Clarins Stretch mark reducer


The next thing that happens usually  happens after birth and that is sagging skin. Typically a woman can gain over 35lbs during her entire pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth to you’re bundle of joy your left with some extra skin especially in the mid section. Now I’m a firm believer in firming lotion but nothing cures the sag like hitting up the gym once your good and strong enough and you’re doctor gives you the okay. I’ve been hearing some really good things about the “Philosophy” products so I’m going to give it a try. As I said you’ll only notice the extra skin after birth but its a good idea to start the firming lotion during your pregnancy and continue after.

Philosophy firming lotion

Not sure about any of you ladies but I’ve noticed my lips are extremely chapped, especially at night. I’m thinking this is one of my pregnancy symptoms because the amount of water I drink my skin, lips , hair should be luminous but thats not the case. Ive recently been seeing a lot of adds and other bloggers talking about Laneige and I have to say after trying these products are the BOMB and I definitely will be buying more of them. The ones I got were the “Lips sleeping mask” and the “water sleeping Mask” for the face.

Laneige lip mask


All my products were bought online from Sephora 

Noting was sponsored bought them all with my own coins 

Happy Pregnancy



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