My 4 Favourite Pink Wines under $20

There is nothing Like enjoying a nice sweet pink drink on Valentines day. Whether Im having a Galentine’s day or a night out with Nick having a pink cocktail is essential. I wanted to share my 4 Fav’s under $20 that taste absolutely delicious If you’re a fan of sweet and bubbly. 

First on my list is Jacob’s Creek. I love Jacobs, I love their Moscato and when they introduce us to their Pink Moscato in 2017 I of course became an instant Fan. Decently Priced at $13.55 and a degree of 7.5% alcohol. This Rose is an Australian origin wine that is sweet a bubbly. 



Second is Gallo. Gallo is not bubbly but is definitely sweet and Pink. I haven’t met a person to date that hasn’t tried a glass of Gallo. Gallo is a White Zinfadel and is decently priced at $9.95 and does come in the option of 1.5L priced at $18.95 with a degree of 8.5% alcohol. Origin of this wine is United States (California)

Third is Barefoot. This sparkling Rose is definitely a bottle to have with your girls because of how cute the bottle is. Sweet and Bubbly is defiantly what you’re going to get with this bottle. Decently priced at $13.95 and a degree of 8% alcohol. Origin of this wine is United states (California)

Fourth but not the least is Mateus. I recently Discovered this wine through a family member and it’s always on my list. Pink not to bubbly but there are bubbles. Decently priced at $10.00 with degree of 11% alcohol. Origin of this wine is Portugal 


Happy Pink Wine!