Boost Immune System with these simple Ginger Shots

Ginger shots

Ginger Shots are a great way to boost your immunity and fight the flu season. With all kind of viruses going around increasing more immune building foods and spices to our diet can be beneficial.

I remember as a child, ginger was a staple in our house. We made our Jamaican Christmas wine with tons of ginger. If you’re getting sick or not feeling well, crushing and boiling ginger was every Caribbean’s remedy. Lately I’ve trying to be much more health conscious and considerate of the food I give my children. With this coronavirus floating around and growing I’ve been researching ways to protect my family. Apparently there is no cure but their are a few things we can do on our own, in our own homes to help ourselves.

Here are some of the many benefits  of this powerful plant.


  1. Gastrointestinal Relief
  2. Nausea&Vomiting
  3. Anti inflammatory Effects
  4. Cancer Fighting properties (Colorectal)
  5. Immune Boosting
  6. Antioxidants
  7. Pain Relief
  8. Easing cold and flu duration


Today Im sharing with you my recipe for my immune boosting shots i’ve started making at home.


Prep Time 20min                                Serving 3-4 shots



2 cups of bottle(Boiled ) water coconut water can be used for even more benefits

1-2 inches of fresh or ginger root

1 tsp of fresh turmeric or turmeric powder



Super simple combine all ingredients into juicer or small blender and voila!







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