Why I use bed mist on my pillows and sheets

“I love using essential oils bed mist on my pillows and sheets”.


I normally mist in the morning after I make my bed, and at night before sleep.  Oils like lavender are known to relax your mind and body. Lavender is known to be helpful for people who are experiencing insomnia, anxiety and depression. This oil is perfect to have on hand considering all the stress we maybe experiencing with the virus going around. 

This powerful oil helps relax your muscles and mind to provide you with a better sleep. Spending hours on the screen during the day, I believe  it takes at least 30min-60min after use for our brain to shut down. Many times I tried to sleep after using my phone and couldn’t, it takes me way longer to fall asleep if I use my phone right before bed. I now leave my phone in any other room just not the bedroom.

The first mist I bought and tried was the Graydons germs away, I feel bad mentioning it because its discontinued but I love it and still have a bit so I try to only use it when I’m feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed. I did manage to get my hands on another mist from Graydon which is the before bed spray which is also discontinued but Le brow bar still has a few in stock.  



The other two mist that I’ve been loving are the ones from Woodlot   The two I’ve been loving are the Palo Santo and Flora. As you may or may not no Palo Santo enhances your spirituality, brings you closer to our spritual source, sparks creativity, love and good fortune. I burn Palo Santo everyday right before the kids wake up just to enhance their mood. Having it in a mist form is perfect, after I make the the beds I give everyones bed 2 sprits. 





Mist are great ways to enhance your sleep and give your room a special vibe. I hope this post helps you step up your daily rituals, enhance your wellness and overall living experience.


Happy Misting




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