3 tips on how we stay calm… Useful Tips to stay calm during your wedding.

Even as Wedding & Event managers and Stylists, we tend to find ourselves in situations that are almost impossible. Having to actually be queen of multitasking, we also have to have the power to keep our composure and get the job done. Personally, when I get myself in a situation that seems almost impossible,

I quickly recite the three Cs in my head . . . Calm, Cool, Collective; I repeat them several times, and it seems to work whether I’m dealing with bad customer service, wedding day dilemmas or screaming kids. This rule can definitely apply to your pre-wedding jitters to help you stay calm.

1. Calm Approach
Start an early morning routine that best helps you to calm down. If you’re a tea drinker, opt for chamomile. Chamomile Tea is a mild herbal tea that is proven to help you stay calm. It  can also help you have a better night’s sleep which is good for future brides. If your remedy is exercise, explore yoga. Yoga involves a lot of deep breathing which helps release toxins from your body and helps you to relax.

2. Staying Cool
Being you is important; remind yourself that turning into a “Bridezilla” only causes more stress. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, he/she is suppose to be there to help you stay cool and stress free. If there is something about your wedding that is not sitting well with you, talk to your event coordinator . . . . chances are . . . she/he has the solution. I tend to carry a bottle of Evian spray in my wedding day emergency kit; it can help refresh the skin and give a calming feeling. Evian spray is a mist of mineral water which can help you to actually stay cool if you’re feeling over heated.

3. Collective mind
To be frank, if multitasking is not one of your strongest assets, and if if you don’t have the ability to manage your clients, vendors, payments, and decor, this field of work is not for you. As the years go by, you learn as a human being that there is only so much you can handle at a time. Once you become a planner, you begin to realize how much you aren’t human. Keeping an open mind and accepting that in life nothing is perfect and nothing is guaranteed is essential to performing well.

Keep Calm.

Happy Planning

-StaceyAnn Clayton