Wedding guest with Nut Allergies? How to plan for it.

Nut allergies


Nut allergies, Gluten intolerance, Lactose intolerant

Are you planning your wedding menu, but concerned about your family and friends who have Nut allergies or intolerances? well Don’t be alarmed.

Just because they have allergies doesn’t mean you have to change around your entire menu to caterer to them. Here are a few tips to help you tackle Nut allergies and more before your wedding day.

Plan for it early

Chances are that once you’ve booked your wedding venue the next steps is choosing your caterer and menu. Ask your venue about their policy on dealing with allergies or certain intolerance like gluten or being lactose intolerant. 

Make a section on your invitations or wedding website for guest to list their allergies and or intolerances. Make it fun for guest who do have these issues so they don’t feel like a bother. Remind them to bring their EpiPen, Blue too the sky, orange to the thigh. Remind guest to bring their lactose pill because you want them to stay and party with you all night. 


Do not stress! let you’re planner know about these issue before hand, so he or she can help effectively 

Happy Planning!