My Daily Routine as a Mom and business owner

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day, that’s why having a morning routine is important. I TRY my best to only turn on my social medias and emails after the kids are gone to school. I want to take those moments with them before they’re gone all day.


With three kids it is really hard NOT to have a routine. When it was just me and Senai our schedule was so lassaiez-faire and spontaneous. With Mekhi and Aneeka in the mix I have to run a tight ship.



Wake call for me is at 6:30 Im trying too wake up earlier but it is just so hard, even 6:30 is hard for me. I wake up and have about 5o mins before the kids wake up so I will shower and makeup, make my lemon water or green tea and do my devotional or my Gratitude journal. Im trying to Journal every morning because I just feel if we start each day with gratitude it makes a difference.


The kids will start waking up by 7:10, and then the REAL morning starts. We do breakfast get ready, and chat until it is out the door usually running late or dragging feet. Once Senai is at school and Mekhi and Aneeka are at daycare Im off to work. If I have errands to run like shopping I like to do it on the weekends and pray were not missing anything during the week.

Afternoon Routine 

By 10:25 I get my first break at work, during this time I usually catch up on my personal emails or checking and updating my social media accounts. I get my lunch break at 11:45 and I will eat my lunch and socialize with my students. 



I pick the kids up around 4:30/5 then I start supper and homework. 7:00 bath time starts. After bath it is either more homework, a movie or iPads for 20mins, then story time then bed. I try to get my kids in bed by 8:00/8:30 so that me and my hubby can have time to watch a movie or show. I tend to do another mini clean up especially in the kitchen because I just love waking up in the morning to a fresh clean kitchen. By 10/11 pm I’m in bed and probably will have to wake up at 4:30 when hubby is leaving for work and Aneeka gets up for her first bottle of the morning.

bed Routine



 Hope my simple but structured schedule helps with any moms out there who is struggling to work on their business or craft, just wanted you to know that you can do it just have to make the time. The best times for me to do anything is while the baby is napping. If you have a new new born try to rest. It gets easier in a sense when they’re a little older.  


Happy Scheduling