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What is a better way to have an inviting house than to have a beautiful door way entry? A decorated doorway is a great way to welcome you and your guest inside and sets the precedence for your home.

Store bought wreaths are around $50.00 and if you have multiple doors, this can get pricy. Why not make it yourself?
This wreath is a large wreath 24 inches in diameter.

You can use this idea for yourself, a gift, a fundraiser product and more. Total time for this wreath: 2 hours. 

Fish Wire or Twine
Wire Cutters (optional)
Garland Flowers and vines
Bouquet Flowers
Wire frame 

1. Gather your Supplies




2. Lay the flower garland around the wire frame.


3. Begin tying the fish wire or twine around the garland and frame, securing it tightly.

4. Begin adding the bouquet flowers by either breaking off the steams or cutting the steams of the bouquet with wire cutters.

5. Add any other flowers or vines by using the same method of tying the steams of the flowers to the frame.

6. Go back around and tie the flower heads together so they look bunched together.

7. Ta-Da! Hang your wreath!


Purchase the flowers when they are on sale. Michael’s does 40% off flowers quiet often.
Make sure you secure the flowers well. 
My last step was to cut off extra fish wire. I would use the longer pieces to secure additional flowers.
Use twine or a twine wreath for a more rustic look. *I didn’t want brown in mine. 

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Happy wreathing!